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Try your luck at this great giveaway of miscellaneous T-shirts, Vest, and other SOF LOGOWEAR in various sizes.
We will try to get as close to the winner's size as possible, but for the rest of the mystery items, if you can't use them, give them to your favorite warrior or veteran's clubs or groups
Here is how to enter:
1) Go to the Soldier of Fortune Facebook page (and Like us if you haven't already and make a comment, so we can make sure and contact you.. Comments on this page also qualify.
2) Find the post at the top of our page about the giveaway and Click "Share" to share the post on your wall so all of your friends can enter, too!
3) Then stand by, we will be doing a random drawing from everyone who shares this on Facebook!

PLUS Choose a polo shirt and a t shirt of your choice your size at