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19 States Target “Good Cause” Requirement
By Harold Hutchison

Nineteen states have filed briefs asking the Supreme Court to review a court ruling that allowed New Jersey’s restrictive laws regarding concealed carry to stand.

"This decision out of New Jersey impacts the right to keep and bear arms outside of the home," Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead said earlier this week. "So, I felt it was necessary to have the attorney general support a petition to the Supreme Court to hear this case.”

According to a FoxNews.com report, the case against New Jersey’s law was filed by John Drake, the owner of an ATM business who “carries large amounts of cash.” Drake’s application for the permit was denied by New Jersey.

“If the current decision stands, states providing greater protections than New Jersey under the Second Amendment may be pre-empted by future federal action,” Mead said.

In the past, legislation had been proposed by Frank Lautenberg, a senator from New Jersey who died last year. Lautenberg’s law would have overridden “shall issue” and “constitutional carry” laws, protecting only those state laws that “grants a right to carry a concealed firearm that is more restrictive than” Lautenberg’s proposed legislation. In 2011, Lautenberg slammed efforts to pass a national concealed carry reciprocity law.

Are you concerned about the possible passage of federal legislation that could override “shall issue” and “constitutional carry” laws?