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Taliban Facilitator Bites the Dust!
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF confirmed that Mullah Zakir Akhund, a facilitator for the Taliban, was killed during an operation in Jowzjan Province. Akhund was involved in providing financial aid throughout multiple provinces, collecting taxes for the Taliban, and overseeing a network of Taliban tax collectors and coordinating financial matters. A second facilitator was detained in Jowzjan province.

ISAF also confirmed the capture of a senior Taliban leader in Helmand province. This senior leader commanded a cell of fighters responsible for conducting attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, provided weapons for use in insurgency operations throughout the district, and was believed to be heavily involved in improvised explosive device operations. ISAF has now killed or captured eleven insurgent leaders in the last week.

ISAF’s Regional Command East reported clearing 11 IEDs over the last two days, and also captured one insurgent.