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80 Airmen Meet to Discuss Targeting
By Harold Hutchison

At least 80 Airmen assigned to Lackland Air Force Base met at a nearby church to discuss what appeared to be a pattern of religious discrimination. Pastor Steven Branson, who held the meeting, told of “an atmosphere of intimidation” centering around the base, where Airmen go through basic training.

According to a report by Fox News, the meeting at Village Parkway Baptist Church was attended by a standing-room only crowd – and among the attendees was Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk. Airmen related incidents, including being written up for displaying a Bible, even though a Moslem was allowed to display his prayer rug.

In one case, an Airman going through Basic Training was asked about his religion, and then forced to repeat Basic Training. A colonel told the pastor that officers are being ordered to publicly promote homosexuality.

“There is an orchestrated attack on Christians in the military and at this stage the Air Force is the worst,” Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, USA (Ret.), the executive vice president of the Family Research Council, told Fox News.

“The consensus at our meeting was that if things don’t change, good men will be leaving the military,” Branson said. “It will be a tragedy for our country and our military.”