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Heatherington at Event

Navy Officer, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Relieved
By Harold Hutchison

The commanding officer and senior enlisted advisor of the Navy Ordnance Testing Unit were relieved of their posts after local strip clubs were allowed to sponsor a golf tournament to raise funds for that command’s Submarine Birthday Ball.

According to a report by the Navy Times, Capt. John Heatherington (on the left in the photo) and Master Chief Missile Technician (SS) Eric Spindle were relieved Tuesday after an investigation determined they “wrongfully affiliated the U. S. Navy with businesses that are not representative of the Navy and DoD's high standards.”

Comments from readers of the Navy Times article decried the firings. “So it is okay for the government to take money from these businesses in the form of taxes, but not okay for them to donate to a worthy cause? I served under Capt. Heatherington on the USS Pasadena SSN-752. He was a great CO and a man of unparalleled character,” one commenter wrote.

Was this firing a case of PC gone too far?