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Is The Conservative Movement a Target?
By Harold Hutchison

The Moslem Brotherhood is attempting to influence conservative-leaning organizations, a means of waging a non-violent jihad against the United States of America. The organization, which was removed from power in Egypt last summer, has also reportedly infiltrated the Obama Administration.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, some conservatives are challenging a 2011 assessment that said that Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan were not linked to Islamist organizations. Among those making the challenge are Frank Gaffney, the head of the Center for Security Policy, as well as a former CIA director, a retired admiral, a retired general, and a former federal prosecutor.

The Center for Security Policy released a 45-page dossier challenging the assessment made by Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who also serves as a board member for the American Conservative Union.

“The statement of facts demonstrates that Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist have extensive ties to ‘various Muslim extremist organizations,’ individuals associated with them and their activities,” the Center for Security Policy report said.