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Anti-Gun Candidate Omits Detail About Aurora Shooting Location
By Harold Hutchsion

Robin Kelly, the Democratic nominee in the special election to replace former Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who resigned after health issues and revelations about misuse of campaign finances, recently claimed concealed carry did not work to prevent the Aurora shooting. However, she omitted the fact that the theater where the shooting occurred was a gun-free zone.

Kelly made the statement while at a forum, ducking a debate with her opponent, according to Big Government at Beritbart.com. “In the movie [theater], they have conceal and carry, but nobody pulled out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did,” she said.

Within a 20-minute radius of the shooting suspect’s home, the theater where the shooting occurred was the only one to prohibit the carrying of firearms, even to those who had a carry permit.

Kelly won the Democratic primary for the special election thanks to a multi-million dollar ad campaign financed by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.