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More on the Border Patrol BS

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This comes from a former Border Patrol Supervisor:

Each and every Democratic administration I have worked under have authorized the hiring of extra BP Agents in order to show that they wanted to control the border. THEN each and every Democratic Administration I have worked under has instituted policies to assure that the agency is as ineffective as possible.

Under the Clinton Administration a bunch of attorneys were hired to oversee the BP's activities. Undercover Operations were required to have undercover authorization before any undercover assignment was conducted! There was a provision for emergent circumstances such as "rolling" a smuggler and getting in with the smuggler and identifying the people at the other end so that everyone involved could be arrested. We were quickly told that there would be no more urgent requests authorized, we would have to wait a minimum of two weeks. The Clinton appointed attorney in charge of undercover operations stated "my sole purpose is to assure that you agents can't do anything that could potentially embarass this administration and if you never make another case that was fine with him".

Uniformed officers were assigned to sit on "X's" to act as a deterrent and couldn't move. They could only sit still and count the people who walked around them. The Obama Administration thought that was such a good idea they initiated the same thing but officers are prohibited from counting the hundreds or thousands who walk around them. Now the administration can claim that the border is secure since apprehensions are down and there are no reports of "got aways"! I haven't seen any evidence of interior enforcement efforts for anyone who hasn't been placed under arrest by another agency. Escape the immediate border area, don't travel by highways where checkpoints are located and you are home free!