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Below you will find the text of a press release sent out today by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association. During the legislative history of Microstamping it has become apparent by the declining number of yes votes in the NYS Assembly that more legislators are aware of the fraud that is being foisted on them. Now a number of legislators are attempting to influence Governor to include this legislation in his budget bills. This is an underhanded attempt by a few liberal NYC area Democratic politicians to force into law legislation that has failed to garner enough votes to become law.

I’m sure that Governor Cuomo is smart enough to see that Microstamping, like CoBIS, is another money pit that will swallow money by the millions while providing nothing that will insure the safety of the people of New York. At this time I would ask you to write or call your Assemblyperson and Senator demanding that Microstamping not be included in the budget and if it is to vote against it.

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association would like to correct the gross misstatements made by Senator Jose Peralta in his letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding his proposed firearms microstamping bill S-675B.

First, there is not a single independent study demonstrating the technology actually works. Several studies, including those done by the Suffolk County Crime Lab in Hauppauge and the University of California, Davis, conclude the technology does not work. Sen. Peralta has no basis for claiming “microstamped characters have been shown to transfer perfectly up to 95% of the time.”

Second, Sen. Peralta's bill explicitly states that “microstamp-ready” firearms must put unique codes on spent cartridge cases on at least two places. The one and only way to comply with this would be a total redesign of all pistols made over the past 120 years, assuming that is even possible as the only place to make the second marking is inside the chamber when the round is fired making it difficult, if not impossible, for a gun to function properly. Sen. Peralta's statement that “microstamping may cost as little as $0.50 per gun” is equivalent to saying that pigs could fly if only they'd grow wings.

The microstamping proposal has been becoming increasingly unpopular in Albany over the years as evidenced by the decreasing number of legislators supporting it. People know it's a fraud. Sen. Peralta is trying to pass a bill that cannot be complied with in order to effect a total prohibition on all new pistols sold in the state. He just does not have to courage to come right out and say that.


Tom King