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New Vehicle May Be AAV-7 Redux
By Harold Hutchison

The Marines are still facing problems in replacing the AAV-7 – with a replacement program following the cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. Now, the Marines may be developing a replacement, the Amphibious Combat Vehicle, that is less capable than a canceled program.

According to a report by BreakingDefense.com, the 2011 cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle by the Obama Administration caused problems. The AAV-7, the current amphibious assault vehicle in Marine Service, was first in service in 1971. The Expeditionary Combat Vehicle featured heavier firepower, and also had a higher speed in the water, enabling amphibious vessels to stand off at a greater distance from shore.

The report noted that the Amphibious Combat Vehicle that could be requested for FY 2015 might be little more than an evolved version of AAV-7. Prototypes of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, were already being tested when the Obama Administration cancelled the program prior to a planned 2012 initiation of low-rate initial production.