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VMR-1 Chopper Carries Out Search-and-Rescue
By Harold Hutchison

Marine with VMR-1 carried out a search-and-rescue mission on President’s Day, saving three children. The Marines used a HH-46E Sea Knight for the mission. The mission was a first for most of the six-member crew.

“When I got the call that we were needed to assist a search and rescue mission, I was about to take my dog for a walk,” Hospital Corpsman Third Class John H. Nelson said.

The SAR chopper was directed to a location where the children were sheltering. Cpl. Chad V. D’Ambrogi and Nelson rappelled down to the location, loaded the three children into a rescue basket, then flew them to a field where local fire and rescue were waiting.

“It made me extremely happy to be able to return the kids to their parents and make their mother happy,” said Lt. Col. Brian D. Bernth. “As a parent with three kids around the same age, I can only imagine what those parents were feeling. I’m glad these highly-trained Marines were able to bring the children to safety.”