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South Africa Makes a Big Bust!
By Harold Hutchison

South African authorities have captured 19 suspected militants from the M23 rebel movement in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The M23 rebel movement, composed of disgruntled Congolese troops, revolted in 2012 and briefly seized the capital of North Kivu province.

The raid was carried out in rural province of Limpopo. The 19 suspected militants had been tracked for a period of time.

“The takedown follows months of intelligence collection on the alleged rebels whose objective is believed to be overthrow the DRC government," Lindela Mashigo, a police spokesperson, said. "It was carried out with precision; it was executed meticulously by our special task force members. So there were no faults, there were no injuries, I can report.”

The militants are likely to face charges under South Africa’s Foreign Military Assistance Act, which prohibits plotting to overthrow foreign governments.