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Libya On The Brink of Tyranny?

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Qaddafi loyalist forces pounded Benghazi and announced they would grant a cease-fire on Sunday to allow rebels to surrender.

The announcement came as the UN Security Council began debating a resolution authorizing a "no-fly" zone over Libya, according to a report from VOANews.com. The debate comes as Qaddafi's son, Seif al-Islam, vowed that the conflict would be finished in 48 hours.

The debate comes as the Obama Administration has come under increasing fire for perceived inaction. In an editorial posted 16 March, National Review Online wrote, "The question now is whether Qaddafi crushes the rebels with impunity and consolidates his terroristic, anti-American rule."

In a column released yesterday by Creator's Syndicate, Austin Bay wrote, "A Gadhafi win tells the world violent subjugation works. Iran's tyrants hope so. Gadhafi's survival may also serve Chinese domestic political interests. Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution, which inspires Libya's rebels, has inspired Chinese dissidents."

Qaddafi has proven surprising resilient, and according to a VOA News report, still maintains influence in Africa, largely through paying a large share of AU dues, as well as picking up the tab for a number of the poorer countries.