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ICE Deports One

Hundreds of Thousands of Illegals Go Free
By Harold Hutchison

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have been ordered to be removed from the country are roaming free – and the federal government is doing nothing about it. Among those on the loose are 68,000 with criminal convictions who were permitted to remain in the United States as opposed to being deported.

According to a report by the Daily Caller, a study by the Center for Immigration Studies determined that Immigration and Customs Enforcement had over 722,000 encounters with illegals during 2013. Charges were filed in only 195,000 cases.

“According to ICE personnel, the vast gap between the number of encounters reported and the number of aliens put on the path to removal exists because officers are not permitted to file charges against aliens who do not fall into the administration’s narrowly defined criteria for enforcement, regardless of the criminal charges or the circumstances in which the alien was identified,” the report stated.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), slammed the Obama Administration’s policy of not enforcing immigration laws, saying, “American citizens have a legal and moral right to the protections our immigration laws afford — at the border, the interior and the workplace. The administration has stripped these protections and adopted a government policy that encourages new arrivals to enter illegally or overstay visas by advertising immunity from future enforcement.”

The report went on to detail how interior arrests have declined by 40%, even as the Obama Administration claimed to set records in removals. The report stated, “The Obama administration and anti-enforcement activist groups have tried to portray the number of departures as ‘record-breaking’ and indicative of robust immigration enforcement. They have tried to support this claim by showing that the number of departures credited to ICE is higher than ever before.”

The report went on to outline how the Obama Administration cooked the books to back its claim of “robust” enforcement, noting that “an independent analysis of ICE records obtained in a lawsuit showed that ICE was able to achieve these ‘record’ departures only because the agency was taking credit for removing a large number of individuals who were apprehended by the Border Patrol. Such cases made up the majority of ICE’s reported deportations in 2013, but they had never been counted that way in previous administrations.”

Sessions stated, “Comments from top Administration officials, such as Attorney General Holder’s claim that amnesty is a civil right, or Vice President Biden’s claim that those here illegally are all U.S. citizens (apparently including someone whose visa expired yesterday), demonstrate the administration’s increasing belief in an open borders policy the American public has always rejected.”

Speak out on this! Contact your Senators and Congressmen. The Capitol Hil switchboard phone number is (202)224-3121.