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Aaron Vaughn

This comment is in response to Mr. Hutchinson's excellent notice of,

The answer, obviously, is yes. And it is nothing new ROE's have caused suspension of air support, lack of over flights as noted in SOF last month has lead to our wounded troops and Allies deaths. Not to belabor the point but the "surge" Obama mounted to less effect than Bush did in Iraq, was marred in part by ROE's that allowed Taliban fighters to simply lay down their guns in plain view and walk to another arms cache and start firing again. Mr. Hutchinson and SOF should be commended for the article and caring.

I think it is fair to ask if the President's ROE's (Man up, Mr. President, you are the CinC) defer to the offense that makes it a criminal act for a non-Muslim to kill a Muslim? I wonder about this because of the sentiment expressed to me by the son of a Saudi Emir during the Gulf that Americans were tolerated in the Kingdom because they were covered under some special dispensation as mercenaries. We know what the result of Osama's reaction to infidels being in the Kingdom.

I would also share the memory that when a CIA operative in Pakistan shot two Muslim terrorists in self-defense State paid a million dollars in ransom to cover the killing of Muslims (terrorists) by an infidel. And if any you infidels think I am making too much of this drop me an email from Mecca the next time you are there. It is a form of prejudice bordering on apartheid when applied in the extreme.

If a koran is burned, accidentally burned or accidentally burned this administration goes full tilt to investigate that "crime", less is made of the third party non-Muslims who are in no way culpable by angry Muslim mobs. If and when Bibles are burned by Muslims the act goes unnoticed; we'll just print more just don't expect to see them so readily available on a base near you even if they are free. It is an extreme perversity to submit to forms of Islam that cost American lives and rename it cultural sensitivity or pretend it is intended to diffuse the offenses of colonialism and modernism.

Terry Staub