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Legislation to Allow Arizona Governor to Call Up National Guard Pending

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SB 1495, which would free up Governor Brewer to activate the Arizona State Guard, has been introduced in the Senate of the Arizona Legislature:


If SB 1495 passes, then the Governor would have to do nothing more than to sign the order that would create, fund, and deploy the Arizona State Guard, as authorized under Title 32 of the USC.


Please spread this message around, we need people to start calling, emailing, and FAXing their support of SB 1495 to the State Senators who will be hearing this in the Border Security Committee next week -


Senator Sylvia Allen has introduced this bill, so it is not neccessary to contact her to voice your support, but we would really like for everyone to contact all of the other State Senators that sit on this Committee:

Frank Antenori
Steve Gallardo
Gail Griffin
Al Melvin
Robert Meza
Steve Smith

All we are asking is for those who call to simply say that they are in favor of SB 1495 and leave it at that. The more voices that speak up in favor of this bill, the better the chances are that it will pass.

Under Title 32 of the US Code, states are authorized to raise their own State Defense Forces, usually under the command of their National Guard commander. The big difference is that SDF soldiers don't get paid for their weekend training, and the SDF cannot be called into federal service, as the National Guard has been.

Read up below for more info on SDFs and their role in securing our nation.


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