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Opposes Bill to Require Pink BB Guns
By Harold Hutchison

The union representing officers with the Los Angeles Police Department is fighting an effort by L.A. politicians to require that BB guns be painted in bright colors. While the politicians claim it will reduce accidental shootings, the union is disputing that.

According to a report by policemag.com, the Los Angeles City Council voted 14-1 to draft legislation to require the bright coloring. The proposal was made by a former LAPD sergeant. The lone vote in opposition was former LAPD Chief Bernard C. Parks.

"This is a horrible idea that may cause officers to hesitate when confronted with a colored rifle when we already know that fully operable handguns and rifles have been painted bright colors," Tyler Izen, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement. "The law is designed to create doubt in an officer’s mind. If they hesitate they could be killed."

The legislation is being introduced to try to reduce incidents when police officers accidentally shoot children who are holding BB guns. Izen said that criminals would likely paint their guns bright colors to lure police officers into lowering their guard.