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Lao Government Plans War With United Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous

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The following is a statement issued by the Congress of World Hmong People urging the international community to condemn Lao PDR to:

- Stop its acts of ethnic cleansing and racial genocides

- Request the Office of United Nations' High Commissioner for Human Rights, CERD, CRC, the United States, the European Parliaments, and The Office of Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, act and be fully alert about the Lao PDR continued violations of the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous' economic, social, and cultural rights

The Lao PDR has denied an ongoing arms conflict between the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous and the Lao PDR government for 35 years.

During the Human Rights' Council 15th session Universal Periodic Review on the Lao PDR, state members of the Human Rights' Council from across the globe made recommendations and drew conclusions that the Lao PDR government must institute to comply with the framework of the laws of United Nations' Declarations, its Protocols and the Additional Protocols.

Since the conclusion of the UNHRC 15th sessions in Geneva, the Lao PDR government has initiated a surreptitious approach in its actions against the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous people:

- Lao President Chomaly Syason held numerous secret meetings on how to address and comply with UNHRC recommendations and conclusions.

- The Lao PDR's government urgent agenda is to "clean up" a 35-year history of killing fields in the Xaysombun Special Zone, in an attempt to cover-up their acts of violence against the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous.

On Oct. 27, 2010, internal intelligence sources stated that four battalions of Lao troops and one Vietnamese Battalion are already in the Phou Bia region. Soviet Helicopters (B6 and B8) are flying to the Phou Bia regions, deploying military and weapons every day. Their apparent purpose is to secretly exterminate the Hmong ChaoFa Indigenous completely by end of January 2011 prior to extending an invitation to the UN Special Procedures team visit, as noted in the final of the Human Rights Council recommendations and conclusions.

President Chong Lor Her, United Hmong ChaoFa Democracy, calls upon the United Nations' Security Councils, the United States, European Parliaments, and the Office of Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon to be aware of the upcoming arms' conflict at the Xaysombun Special Zones (Phou Bia Region), being undertaken now.

CONGRESS of World Hmong People
Xaysomboun Special Zone