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Stephanie Kwolek Invented Kevlar
By Harold Hutchison

A woman whose work in a Wilmington, Delaware, laboratory lead to the vests that have saved the lives of thousands of soldiers and cops died Wednesday, 18 June. Stephanie Kwolek was 90 years old.

According to multiple media reports, Kwolek first discovered Kevler in 1965 while working for DuPont Chemicals. At the time, they were looking to find a new material for automobile tires, in order to lighten motor vehicles to save gasoline. The material proved to be so strong the chemical company had to buy new equipment to measure its strength.

Kevlar was eventually used for body armor, with companies like Second Chance soon producing the armor. DuPont has claimed that Kevlar Vests have saved the lives of over 3,000 cops. Second Chance’s website claims its body armor is responsible for 1893 of those saves, including gun writer and police officer Massad Ayoob.

On the U.S. Army’s official Twitter feed, a post from Friday says, “Rest in peace, Stephanie Kwolek. Thank you for inventing Kevlar and saving Soldiers' lives.”