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Knife Rights Testifies Against SB171

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Knife Rights' lobbyist, Todd Rathner, was in Carson City today where he testified against anti-knife bill SB171. Todd pointed out to the Senate Committee on Judiciary the major flaws in the bill, including the introduction of the new term "dangerous knife" into Nevada law, contradictions in the bill with current law and flaws in the definitions. The bill was also strongly opposed in testimony by the Nevada ACLU, the Clark County Public Defenders Office and the Washoe County Public Defenders Office.

The Nevada Sheriff's and Chief's Association proposed amending the bill in an attempt to ensure that "it does not apply to a person who is carry (sic) a legal knife on campus for a legitimate reason," limiting it only to minors and students. However, the proposed amendment language is itself problematic and, in our view, would not solve the basic problem, that there is no need for such state regulation of this issue.

There was no specific action taken today to move the bill, which is a hopeful sign, but we cannot let up until we have a resolution. We must continue to make sure Nevada Senators hear about your objections to the bill and the proposed amendments to it. The amendments would make the bill a bit better for knife owners, but certainly do not improve the bill enough to stop opposing it.

We must continue to put pressure on Senators to stop this bill. Go online to http://bit.ly/i224SF and
vote "Against" SB171 and provide comments to support your opposition. Below are some examples of the type of comments you can leave.

PLEASE BE POLITE and RESPECTFUL! This makes all the difference in how these comments are received and we need them to count. Put these ideas into your own words and add your own comments to carry the most weight.

If you are not a resident of Nevada, but do business or recreate there, make sure to include that in your comments. The Senators only care about their voters and those who can affect their voters. Other comments and votes will be ignored for the most part.

Nevada residents should also contact their State Senator directly and urge them to oppose SB 171. Click here to find your Senator: http://mapserve.leg.state.nv.us/website/lcb

-- There is no reason to add "dangerous knife" to Nevada statutes because there are already
definitions for dangerous weapons in Nevada law.

-- The legislature should only legislate against bad behavior not the victimless possession of common, everyday tools.

-- Schools already have broad authority to regulate what does or does not come onto
their campuses.

-- Many rural school children carry a small pocket knife for everyday chores, should they really face criminal charges for this?

-- A two inch bladed knife may easily fit on a key ring. Do we really want to criminalize that?

-- If you are a UNION member: I am a member of ___________ Union and am very concerned that this law will jeopardize me personally because I carry a knife every day for work.

You can read the proposed bill here: http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Bills/SB/SB171.pdf

An overview of SB 171:

Nevada State Senator Sheila Leslie (D, Washoe 1) has introduced SB 171, to add to the list of weapons that the state prohibits in schools, including a so-called "dangerous knife," meaning, in her bill, any knife with a blade 2 inches or longer. Among the many problems with this bill, this new definition of a so-called "dangerous knife" would set very bad precedent in Nevada state law.

Nevada is one of the few rational states where common pocket knives are not mandated to be treated as weapons prohibited by the state from schools. Schools are free to determine for themselves what restrictions, if any, they will make.

We need your support to oppose legislation such as this. Donate today to support Knife Rights: http://bit.ly/fMccv9