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Knife Rights Moves to Amend Complaint After Outrageous NYC Ruling

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Knife Rights has asked the Court for permission to amend its
complaint to add details the Court said should have been included when
it dismissed Knife Rights' Federal civil rights lawsuit against New York
City and District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. last week.  The outrageous
decision by U.S. District Court Judge Katherine B. Forrest found that
persons arrested or threatened with arrest in NYC do not have standing
to sue, in part because details about certain knives were not included
in the complaint. Yet the Court failed to allow Knife Rights to add
those details - a standard practice in litigation.   Knife Rights has
now formally moved for reconsideration of the decision, and for leave to
amend the complaint.

Leave to amend is supposed to be
freely granted according to well-established legal principles. While we
do not believe that the original complaint was defective in any way, we
believe it was erroneous for the Court not to allow us an opportunity to
amend the complaint to address the Court's findings.  If the motion for
reconsideration is granted, the lawsuit would be able to continue
forward without having to appeal to a higher court.  Click here to read our Motion for Reconsideration and Memorandum of Law in Support of Plaintiffs' Motion for Reconsideration.

her original ruling this recently appointed judge said that the
plaintiffs in our case do not have standing to sue, in part because the
case documents don't identify specific knives that would be illegal
under New York City's interpretation of state law. The trouble is, it's
nearly impossible to identify them under New York City's haphazard and
inconsistent approach - which is the whole point of the case in the
first place! Even the DA has admitted that different specimens of the
exact same make and model knife could be simultaneously found to be both
legal and illegal! Click to read the judge's ruling.

certainly a setback, standing issues are a typical obstacle in federal
civil rights cases against governments. It will not deter us from
continuing the lawsuit.

Knife Rights will never stop fighting
for your rights, and neither should you. Please help us win this
critical battle by contributing to Knife Rights Foundation's Legal Fund
today as generously as you can. We've led the fight to defend knife
rights in the legislative arena and we are pioneering it in the courts.
Please help us defend freedom!

Knife Rights Ultimate Steel™ Winner
Receives His Ted Nugent Signature
Wilson Combat Pistol
Ted Monroe of North Carolina has received his Wilson Combat
donated, Ted Nugent Signature customized 10mm CQB Elite pistol that he
won in the Knife Rights 2013 Ultimate Steel™ Knives, Guns & More
Spectacular fundraiser. The extraordinary Wilson Combat 1911 and a
matching Wilson Tactical Star-Light folder, together valued at $4,555,
were the top prize in the most successful fundraiser in Knife Rights'

Winner Ted Monroe said, "Thanks so much! I am certainly grateful for the pistol and the awesome job Knife Rights is doing."

Rights Ultimate Steel™ Winner Ted Monroe (left) & Ted Nugent
(right) with their custom Wilson Combat Ted Nugent Signature 10mm CQB
Elite pistols. Only two of these pistols were made by Wilson Combat,
exclusively for the 2013 Ultimate Steel™ Spectacular, one for Ted
Nugent, the other to be won by a Knife Rights' donor.

"Knife Rights is at the
forefront of knife owner advocacy in this country and Wilson Combat was
proud to support their outstanding efforts with the donation of this
custom Ted Nugent Signature pistol and Star-Light tactical folder," said
Wilson Combat Vice-President, Ryan Wilson, "and we will be donating
another spectacular firearm again next year so Knife Rights can continue
to fight for a sharper future for all Americans."

Knife Rights Chairman
Doug Ritter said, "Congratulations to Ted Monroe and the other 174
winners in the 2013 Ultimate Steel Spectacular who altogether won
nearly $104,000 in prizes! Thank you to everyone who donated to make
this Knife Rights' most successful fundraiser ever. Knife Rights
sincerely appreciates the support from Wilson Combat, Ted Nugent and
Black Weapons Armory that contributed to our most successful legislative
year ever, with pro-knife bills passed in five states. These and
similar donations from the many Knife Rights supporters fuel our
legislative success."

Ted Nugent said, "I joined Knife Rights to support the great job they are doing; you should too! God Bless Knife Rights!"

Black Weapons Armory of
Tucson, Arizona, donated FFL services to facilitate the transfer of the
pistol from Wilson Combat to Knife Rights and then to winner Ted Monroe.

About the Wilson Combat Ted Nugent Signature 10mm CQB Elite Pistol & Wilson Tactical/Hogue Knives Star-Light Folding Knife

Immaculately fitted and
optioned, the CQB-Elite model is a flagship Wilson Combat handgun. This
10mm version exhibits numerous options personally selected by Nugent,
like Wilson Combat's new one-piece Bullet Proof Magwell , medium trigger
and Black/Gray two-tone Armor-Tuff finish. The slide is custom engraved
with Nugent's signature and Spearchucker logo. Like all Wilson Combat
five-inch handguns, the CQB Elite is guaranteed to shoot sub 1-inch
groups at 25 yards.

In addition to the
handgun, Wilson Combat also donated a matching Wilson Tactical/Hogue
Knives Star-Light 4-inch tanto tactical folder. Designed by Allen
Elishewitz, the Star-Light is light enough for daily carry, but among
the strongest pocketknives made. Perfect for utility or defensive use,
the Star-Light wears the same Armor-Tuff finish and Starburst G-10
handles as Wilson Combat's handguns.

More details and images of the pistol & knife can be found at http://www.kniferights.org/2013prizes/nugent2013.htm

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Carry a Knife - Save Your Life™

In northwest Houston, Texas, a man being strangled pulled out a knife
and stabbed his attacker. The District Attorney refused charges because
the man was defending himself.

Click here for the full story from KHOU in Houston.

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Carry a Knife - Save a Life™

Dr. Royce Johnson used this knife, the EDC of retired
pulmonologist Thomas Farrell Jr., to perform a tracheotomy on Pauline
Larwood when she choked on a piece of meat.

When a woman began choking at a restaurant and the Heimlich maneuver
failed, doctors who were dining nearby performed an emergency
tracheotomy with a pocket knife, using a pen as a breathing tube.

dramatic save unfolded at a restaurant in Bakersfield, California,
when Pauline Larwood started choking on a piece of meat.

Working in Larwood's favor: She was at a symposium on valley fever
and surrounded by accomplished physicians from throughout the nation.
So when the Heimlich maneuver failed to clear her airway, doctors swung
into action.

Royce Johnson, professor of medicine at UCLA
and and chief of infectious diseases at Kern Medical Center in
Bakersfield, used a friend's pocket knife to make an incision in
Larwood's throat. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, monitored Larwood's pulse.

When someone called for a pen, Paul Krogstad, a professor of pediatrics and pharmacology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, grabbed one, snapped it in half and inserted the hollow cylinder in the incision.

Click here to read the full story on the Bakersfield Californian website

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Join Knife Rights at the California Custom Knife Show

 Anaheim - October 12-13

Knife Rights will be attending the California Custom Knife Show the
weekend of October 12-13 in Anaheim. Come see the extraordinary knives,
meet the talented knifemakers, enjoy the company of fellow knife
entusiasts and support those who support Knife Rights. We hope to see
you there! 

Information on the show can be found at: www.californiacustomknifeshow.com