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Knife Rights

Knife Rights' Knife Owners' Protection Act Introduced in Congress - CALL or WRITE TODAY!

Knife Rights' Knife Owners' Protection Act Introduced in Congress

Protects Knife Owners From Vagaries of Restrictive State Laws

KS Knife Rights Bill Moving - WRITE or CALL!

Kansas Knife Rights Bill Moving Again
Write or Call Today!

Anti-Knife Loonies on the Loose

Dog Days of Summer Busy at Knife Rights

We want all those affected by Irene this past weekend to know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you work to get your lives back to normal. When viewing the damage Irene has left in its wake, it just reinforces how important knives and edged tools are to our survival and recovery after any disaster.

Utah Knife Law Preemption Bill Signed by Governor

Utah Preemption Bill Signed

Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the Knife Rights backed Knife Law Preemption Bill, HB 271, making Utah the nation's second state to enact Knife Law Preemption. Knife Rights would like to thank the bill's chief sponsor, Representative Ryan D. Wilcox and the Senate sponsor, Senator Allen M. Christensen, for their support. Knife Rights appreciates Governor Herbert's signing the bill promptly. We'd also like to thank the Utah Shooting Sport Council for all their support during our lobbying effort.

Knife Rights Testifies Against SB171

Knife Rights' lobbyist, Todd Rathner, was in Carson City today where he testified against anti-knife bill SB171. Todd pointed out to the Senate Committee on Judiciary the major flaws in the bill, including the introduction of the new term "dangerous knife" into Nevada law, contradictions in the bill with current law and flaws in the definitions. The bill was also strongly opposed in testimony by the Nevada ACLU, the Clark County Public Defenders Office and the Washoe County Public Defenders Office.

New Yorker Gives Thanks to Knife Rights Foundation

On this Thanksgiving, one New York citizen is giving thanks to Knife Rights Foundation for a holiday without the threat of a year in jail hanging over his head.

The New Yorker, whose name is being withheld to prevent possible harassment, said, "words cannot express my thanks to Knife Rights Foundation for coming to my aid and helping me gain a measure of justice when things looked pretty bleak for me."

Knife Rights NYC Update

Will DA Vance Arrest Stephen Colbert for Switchblade Possession?