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Justice for Terri

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Dear Friend,

I am writing to tell you about critical legal support ProEnglish is providing for our English language.   

We’re defending a nursing student who was suspended from college just because she wanted English spoken in the classroom.  

Terri Bennett was studying nursing at Pima Community College in Tucson,
AZ.  She found it hard to learn when her fellow students spoke in
languages other than English.  During
student group projects, she was often left out and excluded because she
only knew English.   

She asked school administrators to make sure English was spoken in the
classroom.  For this simple request, she was called a “bigot” and
suspended by the school.  Campus
police presented her with suspension papers and escorted her off
campus!  As incredible as this seems, this actually happened here in

The school should be known as “Politically Correct College.”   

No one would help Terri, until she contacted us here at ProEnglish.  How could we refuse her request for help?  We

And so we have a team of top attorneys representing her in court so we
can bring justice for her.  The law is on our side, as Arizona is a
state that has made English
its official language.   

John Munger, who is representing Terri
Bennett (left), speaks at a press conference announcing the lawsuit in
Tucson, AZ with ProEnglish Board Member Phil Kent (center).

We are relying on Arizona’s official English law in this case.  This is
why ProEnglish continues to need your help to make English the official
language for all fifty states and for the federal government.  

Friend, please take a moment to sign our online petition in support of Terri Bennett.

It takes courage to stand up to the PC bullies in this day and age.  Terri is fighting for what she believes in,
and we are fighting for her.   

It has been a long ordeal for her, both emotionally and financially.  I hope you will take a few seconds to sign our online petition to support Terri Bennett.  I will then deliver them to her so she knows she is not alone in this fight and that she has your support.   

I also hope you will consider making a generous donation for her legal
defense funding, so we can continue to provide legal assistance for
her.  Our legal work – which we provide at no cost to victims like Terri
– comes at great cost.   

Friend, help us today by making a donation of $20, $15, $10 or any other gift amount.


Lawsuits are very costly and Pima Community College is fighting us all the way.  We must win this case for Terri.   

If we surrender in Arizona and abandon Terri, the multiculturalists will
know they can go after even
more English-speaking Americans.  ProEnglish is here to prevent that by
making English our official language everywhere and defending it in

I am confident we can
prevail and bring justice for Terri.  Please sign our online petition to support her and please make your most generous, tax-deductible gift today.

Yours sincerely,  


Robert Vandervoort
Executive Director    

P.S. Because Terri Bennett wanted to have English spoken in her
classroom, she was called a “bigot” and suspended by her PC College. 
ProEnglish is now supporting her in state court.  Please sign our online petition to support her and include a generous gift of $10, $15, $20
or whatever you can afford to help us fight for her in court
  Thank you.