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America Could Face Joint Cyber-Attack This Week
By Harold Hutchison

America could be facing a cyber-attack later this week as criminal hackers and jihadists are reportedly planning a joint operation. The attacks include U.S. government agencies, banks, and other American businesses.

According to a report by the Washington Times, the attacks are to be carried out in the name of Anonymous, a coalition of hackers that has in the past supported Occupy Wall Street, and also threatened to wage cyber attacks against countries and organizations ranging from Israel to the Westboro Baptist Church over issues ranging from efforts to halt piracy of music to Syria’s efforts to black out the internet in order to silence opposition groups.

The attacks are being promoted on some al-Qaeda sites and message boards. A Department of Homeland Security bulletin stated that the attacks are only expected to be nuisance-level. However, an alliance between criminal hackers and jihadists does raise concerns about a greater danger in the future.