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Could Japan Start Buildup As Obama Retreats?
By Harold Hutchison

Japan’s prime minister has hinted that it could very well start building a stronger military as tensions increase with the ChiComs over the Senkaku Islands. The comments came during a speech at the Japanese defense ministry.

“We cannot look away from the reality of repeated provocations against our sovereignty, of the worsening safety and security situation surrounding our nation. We must not conclude with a mere pretense that diverges from reality and thereby put strain on the self-defense forces that are on the ground,” Abe said.

Japan disbanded its military after World War III. It currently operates a self-defense force and only spends one percent of its gross domestic product on its military. It still has what is arguably the most potent surface navy in Asia, and its Air Self-Defense Force has modern aircraft, including the F-15J and the F-2.