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House Oversight Chairman Seeks Interview
By Harold Hutchison

Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has formally asked former Ambassador Tom Pickering and retired Admiral Michael Mullen to meet investigators for interviews.

“Three senior State Department officials who testified at the hearing criticized the ARB’s work as ‘incomplete’ and flawed because the ARB did not interview key witnesses and failed to hold senior officials accountable. On May 12, 2013, you defended the ARB’s work on ‘Face the Nation.’ You stated that those criticisms are ‘unfair’ … The White House and the State Department have touted the ARB’s report as the definitive account of how and why the Benghazi attacks occurred. It is necessary for the Committee to understand whether the criticisms of the ARB’s work that we heard from witnesses on May 8, 2013 are valid,” Issa wrote to Ambassador Pickering.

Issa’s committee is likely to be very busy, as hearings into the IRS scandal were scheduled for 22 May. The House Oversight Committee may also be involved in investigating the Justice Department’s monitoring of Associated Press phone lines.