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House Oversight Chairman Slams ATF
By Harold Hutchison

The Obama Administration is waging a war on guns, according to Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Issa made the charges on Fox News, while discussing the latest ATF scandal surrounding the exploitation of mentally disabled individuals in stings across various cities.

“This is ‘Fast and Furious’ revisited,” Issa told anchor Shannon Bream. “You finally have a confirmed director, Todd Jones, who was supposed to clean up these operations. And instead — what you see in many of these cases — they’re continuing. They’re continuing to have this be what’s called a ‘rogue organization.’ But I think for the members of the ATF, I want to make sure I make one thing clear. The ATF never acts alone. The FBI and the U.S. attorneys in each of these areas — political appointees — they work hand in hand… This is the president, President Obama’s Department of Justice that continues to support these sting operations, these ‘rogue operations’ as they’re called, that lead to harm in communities.”

During Operation Fast and Furious, hundreds of firearms were “walked” to Mexican drug cartels. The scandal erupted when a Customs and Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, was killed in a shootout in Arizona.