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Taliban Flunkies Killed And Captured
By Harold Hutchison

ISAF reported the capture of two Taliban leaders during operations in Afghanistan. The captures raise the total of high-level insurgents killed or captured since Friday to seven.

The first Taliban leader was captured in Kandahar province. He was in charge of a cell of fighters responsible for improvised explosive device operations against Afghan civilians in Kandahar district and in the facilitation of weapons and vehicles for use in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. The second Taliban leader was taken prisoner in Helmand province. He was instrumental in acquiring weapons, distributing them to his subordinates, and leading them in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces and was also involved in IED research and development, with a history of experimenting with different device configurations for future employment.

ISAF also reported that during operations a number of insurgents were killed in Baghlan province, with two more killed in Helmand province, and two captured in Balkh province. ISAF’s Regional Command East reported locating four weapons caches and clearing 12 IEDs, upping their totals to a minimum of six caches located and 25 IEDs cleared in the last week.