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ISAF Joint Command operational update

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International Security Assistance Forces repelled an insurgent attack on an ISAF base yesterday, killing numerous insurgents and wounding another in eastern Afghanistan.

The failed attack, consisting of rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire, occurred at a forward operating base in Beshud district, Nangarhar province. Coalition forces repelled the attack with small-arms and an air weapons team. After gaining positive identification, the air weapons team engaged the enemy position, killing numerous insurgents and forcing the others to flee.

After the failed attack, coalition forces detained one wounded insurgent and retrieved multiple automatic weapons, 400 7.62 mm rounds, one mortar tube, two RPG launchers and 19 RPG rounds. There were no ISAF casualties.

In other ISAF news throughout Afghanistan:


A combined Afghan and coalition force detained several suspected Haqqani Network insurgents while targeting a Haqqani Network facilitator during a security operation in Sabari district, Khost province, yesterday. The facilitator is responsible for the facilitation of weapons, ammunition and improvised explosive device materials. He works directly under a senior Haqqani leader who has connections with other senior leaders based in Pakistan.

The security force targeted a compound in the district based on numerous intelligence reports. After isolating the targeted area, security forces called for all occupants to exit the building peacefully. The security force detained the suspected insurgents for further questioning. Security forces also found two AK-47s, a shotgun and a chest rack during the search. No shots were fired during the operation.


An Afghan and coalition force discovered a vehicle-borne IED emplaced in a motorcycle during the capture of a Taliban leader in Kandahar City, Kandahar province, April 4. The leader was in charge of a team that conducted IED and small-arms attacks in the areas south and southeast of Kandahar City and was planning on employing the VBIED in the future.

The security force was led to the cell leader’s compound based on numerous intelligence sources and tips from local citizens. While searching the compound, security forces discovered the motorcycle packed with homemade explosives and an artillery round under the seat and also discovered a receiver and transponder designed to allow for remote detonation. The motorcycle gas tank was filled with ammonium nitrate. The motorcycle and materials were safely destroyed prior to the departure of the force. The Taliban leader was detained, along with two other suspected Taliban insurgents.

In Helmand province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban facilitator during a security operation in Kajaki district yesterday. The facilitator was the key liaison between the narcotics trade and Taliban weapons procurement in Maiwand district, Helmand province and northern Helmand. He oversaw drug orders and money exchanges for insurgents in the Kajaki area.

The combined security force targeted a compound in pursuit of the Taliban facilitator. The force called for all occupants to peacefully exit the compound. After questioning the residents, the security force detained the Taliban facilitator.

A combined Afghan and coalition force detained several suspected insurgents during a raid to capture a Taliban leader in Shah Joy district, Zabul province, yesterday. The leader is a Taliban IED facilitator responsible for the movement, distribution and emplacement of explosive devices along Highway 1 in the district.

The security force targeted a compound in the district to detain the leader and his associates. After securing the area and questioning the residents, several suspected insurgents were detained for further questioning.

In Nimroz province, an ISAF security patrol discovered a large weapon, IED-making components and a chemicals cache in Khash Rod district, yesterday. The cache consisted of five IEDs, 60 electrical detonators, 2,870 pounds (1,300 kilograms) of ammonium chloride, 1,543 pounds (700 kg) of aluminium nitrate, 110 pounds (50 kg) of carbon and different type of narcotics.

In Tarin Kot district, Uruzgan province yesterday, an Afghan National Security and ISAF patrol found a weapons cache consisting of one AK-47, two full AK-47 magazines, 300 7.62 mm rounds, one hand grenade, and six RPG rounds.

Article by ISAF Joint Command