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ISAF Joint Command operational update

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An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban leader in a Kandahar province raid today.

The leader was actively involved in vehicle-borne improvised explosive device planning, attacks and assassinations against Afghan civilians, Afghan government officials and Afghan and coalition forces in Kandahar City. He was coordinating the acquisition of uniforms and ID cards to gain access to coalition bases.

Intelligence reports led the security force to a remote compound in Daman District. While securing the targeted area, the force observed two insurgents outside the compound. One of the insurgents began to flee, raising his weapon towards the force. The security force engaged the man, killing him and the other man, who was caught in the crossfire.

The security force then secured the compound and used a loud speaker to call for all occupants to exit the buildings peacefully. One suspected insurgent refused to comply with the security forces’ instructions and attempted to escape. The man was detained and taken into custody.

Near the compound, a vehicle approached the targeted area. The security team used a loudspeaker to call for all occupants to exit the vehicle. The occupants were questioned and taken into custody as suspected insurgents.

The joint security force captured the Taliban leader, killed two insurgents, and detained numerous other suspected insurgents for further questioning. Multiple heavy artillery shell casings, two M-16’s with magazines, one AK-47 with magazines, three pistols with magazines and a chest rack were also recovered.

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Afghan and coalition forces conducted a raid in order to capture a Taliban leader in Baghlan province yesterday. The leader facilitates foreign fighters and suicide attacks in Baghlan-e Jadid District. He is responsible for the assassination of a Nahrin District governor, and recently returned from Pakistan to assist a Taliban leader with attacks against Afghan National Security Forces.

Based on intelligence reports, the security force targeted a compound in Baghlan-e Jadid District to search for the leader. The security force secured and cleared the area, detaining two suspected insurgents for further questioning. There were no shots fired, and no civilians harmed during the operation.


An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Hezb-E Islami Gulbuddin leader in Sabari District, Khost province today. The leader is responsible for coordinating attacks against Afghan civilians and Afghan and coalition forces.

Acting on intelligence tips, the security force targeted a compound east of Sabari District to search for the leader. Forces used a loudspeaker to call for all occupants to exit the compound peacefully, allowing the security force to secure the area and ensure the safety of all civilians.

After questioning the residents at the scene, the security force identified and detained the leader, along with one suspected Hezb-E Islami Gulbuddin insurgent. The security force also found an AK-47, chest racks, a shotgun and ammunition at the scene.

Article by ISAF Joint Command