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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

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An Afghan-led security force freed a family that was taken hostage and killed several insurgents during a security operation in Dilah wa Khoshamand District, Paktika province, yesterday.

The original target of the operation was a Haqqani network leader, who also supports the Taliban. He is the Haqqani appointed governing official for insurgent operations in the district and is responsible for leading ambush and attack cells in the area.

While searching for the leader, the security force was fired upon by several armed insurgents, and one of the armed insurgents took a family of local residents hostage while the others continued to fire on the force. The force killed several insurgents without causing harm to the family.

The force confiscated one machine gun, several AK-47 assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and blasting caps.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


During a clearance operation in Sayad District, Sar-e Pul province, an Afghan-led security force detained one suspected insurgent. The security force targeted this area in order to disrupt Taliban activity.


In Dand District, Kandahar province, an Afghan-led security force detained one suspected insurgent during a security operation targeting a Taliban facilitator yesterday. The facilitator acquires and moves roadside bomb material and weapons for insurgents in the area.


An Afghan-led security force killed a Taliban leader who attempted to attack them while disguised in a women’s burqa in Baraki Barak District, Logar province yesterday. The leader was responsible for roadside bomb attacks against Afghan forces in Charkh and Baraki Barak Districts.

The force discovered him, and several of his associates, at a compound in the district. While conducting on-scene questioning, the security force noticed the leader hiding amongst women and dressed in a burqa. After being identified, the leader fled to a nearby tent and attempted to secure a weapon to attack the force. Once the force observed this action, they engaged the insurgent leader, killing him. The operation also resulted in the detention of numerous suspected insurgents for further questioning.

In Sabari District, Khost province, an Afghan-led security force captured a Haqqani network leader and several of his associates during an operation yesterday. The leader was involved in roadside bomb and direct action attacks against the Afghan National Army.

Finally, an Afghan-led security force detained several suspected insurgents while searching for a Haqqani network leader in Sabari District, Khost province, yesterday. The Haqqani leader is responsible for roadside bomb and direct fire attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

Article by ISAF Joint Command