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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

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In Panjwa’i district, Kandahar province, a combined Afghan and coalition security force discovered a drug cache during an operation yesterday.

The cache consisted of approximately 2,534 pounds (1,152 kg) of marijuana.

The security force confiscated the drugs and destroyed them without incident.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


An Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban facilitator during an operation in Nawa district, Helmand province, today. The leader provided insurgent fighters with weapons and coordinated attacks in Washer and Nahr-e Saraj districts. One additional suspected insurgent was detained.


In Shinwar district, Nangarhar province, an Afghan and coalition security force captured a Taliban leader during an operation today. The leader specialized in explosives and conducted multiple attacks in Shinwar district. Several suspected insurgents were also detained during the operation.

Article by ISAF Joint Command