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ISAF Joint Command morning operational update

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A combined Afghan and coalition security force killed two insurgents and detained more than 10 additional suspected insurgents while targeting a Taliban weapons expert in Imam Sahib District, Kunduz province, yesterday.

The Taliban insurgent is an improvised explosive device and suicide vest expert, and is a key leader in the Kunduz suicide attack network. He is directly responsible for a February suicide attack in the district and coordinates with Taliban leadership and attack coordinators in Wardak province, Kabul and Pakistan.

The joint security force targeted a compound in the Imam Sahib district, based on multiple intelligence sources and tips from citizens. While moving into position, the force observed a group of suspected insurgents fleeing the area. The security force peacefully secured and cleared the original compound, detained several suspected insurgents. After questioning the residents, the force pursued individuals who had fled.

The security force isolated a second set of buildings, calling for all occupants to exit peacefully, before detaining several more insurgents for further questioning.

The security force then moved to detain two additional insurgents hiding in a ditch. The security force called for them to exit the ditch peacefully. As the security force approached, the armed insurgents opened fire with AK-47s. The security force returned fire, resulting in the two insurgents being killed.

A rocket propelled grenade with six warheads, one AK-47, one chest rack, one shotgun, a machine gun and ammunition were found during the operation. Afghans troops ensured the safety and protection of all women and children before the operation and initial reports indicate no civilians were harmed.

In other International Security Assistance Force news throughout Afghanistan:


A combined Afghan and coalition force detained a Taliban facilitator along and several suspected insurgents during a security operation in Kandahar City, Kandahar province, yesterday. The facilitator was responsible for gathering and distributing IEDs and weapons in Kandahar City. He had close connections with Taliban insurgents in the region as well as Taliban leadership in Pakistan.

Intelligence reports led the joint security force to a suspected insurgent compound in the district. The security force isolated the area, then called for all occupants to exit the building peacefully. After ensuring the safety of all women and children, the security force secured and cleared the area. The force questioned residents before identifying and detaining the Taliban facilitator along and suspected insurgents. The entire operation was conducted with no shots fired and no civilians harmed.

Also in Kandahar City, a separate Afghan and coalition force detained a Taliban IED expert during a security operation, yesterday. The facilitator received explosive device materials from Pakistan and re-distributed them throughout Kandahar City. He also coordinated attacks with other senior Taliban facilitators.

The security force followed leads to a targeted location in the district, where they conducted a search after securing the compound. The facilitator was detained after initial questioning at the scene. The security force ensured the safety of all civilians through the duration of the operation.


An Afghan and coalition force detained a Haqqani Network financier during a security operation in Orgun District, Paktika province, yesterday. The insurgent was the senior financier for the terrorist network with connections worldwide. He used his connections to financially support suicide bombers who target Afghan civilians and coalition forces. He also maintained regular contact with Haqqani leaders in Pakistan and facilitated money transfers between them.

Based on multiple intelligence sources and reports from citizens, the security force targeted a compound in the district. The forces isolated, secured and cleared the suspected compound and after initial questioning, they identified and detained the Haqqani financier. Two additional suspected insurgents were also detained for further questioning. Two AK-47s were also found on the premises. The security force ensured the safety of all women and children during the search. No civilians were harmed during the operation.

Article by ISAF Joint Command