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Is ISACS a Sham?

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The Myth: The International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS) is not about banning guns, but about making them safer, say Hillary Clinton, NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and other known gun banners.

The Facts: ISACS is composed of a bunch of governments such as Iraq and Colombia, among others, organizations such as the Canadian Coalition for Gun Control, the World Health Organization and others. See here for a full list.

But NRA’s Chris Cox, Wayne LaPierre, former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton and scores of evidence say otherwise. They say ISACS was created to use the U.N. as a means to sidestep the U.S. Constitution to lessen or ban small arm ownership in the U.S., under the guise of “firearm safety.”

What Gun Owning Americans Want to Know: Who’s telling the truth?

Despite the NRA’s 100-plus year track-record of being the gold standard in small arms safety training (it trains about a million people each year in firearm use and safety, including law enforcement personnel) it wasn't welcomed to the ISACS meeting. So just taking NRA’s word on it isn’t enough.

But the neutral Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) was invited to take part, because it was told that ISACS’ goal was to review and adopt international standards of safety. After all, SAAMI sets the safety standards for firearm and ammo manufacturing in this country, which in turn is very influential all over the world.

Any time you fire a gun, it is due to SAAMI’s tireless, technical research that assures you the gun or ammo is not loaded to hyper-pressures, and the gun is made to tested technical specifications so it will not literally blow up in your face. Any time a new gun or ammo manufacturer wishes to send a new product to market, it must pass SAAMI’s stringent protocols, so obviously not all gun and ammo manufacturers love SAAMI. If it is made elsewhere and is to be imported here, it must first pass SAAMI’s rigorous specs, so obviously not all gun and ammo manufacturers love SAAMI. They work with SAAMI because they must. Since 1926 SAMMI has been keeping them honest, and consumers safe.

So what does SAAMI say about ISACS? A press release issued by SAAMI is telling, and since SAAMI is neutral and has a pristine record of promoting gun safety and nothing else, I’ll point to it as plausible evidence.

The Proof: The following release was taken verbatim from SAAMI’s website days after it withdrew on March 21, 2012:

SAAMI Withdraws Its Name from Tainted U.N. Program

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI), a registered United Nations non-governmental organization (NGO) with roster status, has taken the regrettable but necessary step of withdrawing any reference of SAAMI association from the U.N. agency project to create "International Small Arms Control Standards (ISACS)."

The goal of ISACS, as stated on the U.N. website is "To develop internationally accepted and validated standards that provide clear and comprehensive guidance to practitioners and policy-makers on small arms and light weapons control." SAAMI, being an accredited standards-setting organization, welcomed the opportunity to be part of a standards-setting process which requires rigorous adherence to facts.

"We saw the ISACS as a way to cut through the politics and rhetoric of this issue and get down to core actions that will reduce violence," says Rick Patterson, Managing Director of SAAMI. "Regrettably, the process has been tainted, expert input has been ignored, and the resulting standards represent nothing more than the opinions of the authors—most of whom are affiliated with NGO's supporting gun control." Because the U.N. has ignored contrary facts and opinions, and quelled debate, the U.N. has done itself—and everyone associated with ISACS—a disservice. They have negatively affected the credibility of all parties involved. For these reasons, SAAMI simply cannot allow its reputation for professionalism, integrity and factual expertise to be associated with the ISACS program.

The Answer: I trust SAAMI with my life nearly everyday, as do consumers, world governments including the U.S.A., the U.N. and private companies. If SAAMI doesn’t trust the stated intentions of ISACS, then neither do I. Therefore the NRA is correct: ISACS is not interested in gun safety, but is interested in restricting law-abiding Americans’ access to small arms. And that’s no B.S.

Article by Jeff Johnston