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Iran Tests New Missile

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Iran says it has launched a new domestically built surface-to-surface missile, in another demonstration of the country's military technology.

Iranian state television Wednesday announced what it called a successful test firing of a new version of the Fateh-110 missile that has a longer range. The missile is said to be nine meters long and to weigh about 3,500 kilograms.

Iran's Press TV quotes Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi as saying the new missile has improved precision.

Iran has been unveiling an array of military hardware in recent weeks, including another surface-to-surface missile called the Qiam-1.

The country also says it has begun producing two types of missile-equipped speedboats and a long-range drone aircraft that can carry bombs.

This rollout of military technology comes as Iran faces increasing pressure for its nuclear program.

Many in the international community believe Iran is seeking to develop a nuclear weapon. Tehran insists its atomic activities are for peaceful purposes.

Article by VOA News