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Insurgents killed in airstrike while emplanting IED

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Afghan National Security and NATO forces killed several insurgents, after being engaged with small arms fire during an operation in the Jaji district of Paktiya province.

The engagement is part of a larger operation launched by Afghan National Security Forces May 14, 2012 to destroy Taliban hideouts in the district.

Azad Khan, governor of Jaji district, said that the operation will continue until the area has been cleared from the presence of Taliban.

The insurgents were armed and were observed by partnered forces emplanting an improvised explosive device. They engaged NATO forces with direct fire. ANSF and NATO forces responded, killing all observed hostile suspects. No ANSF or ISAF forces were harmed in the operation.

The forces on the ground confirm nine insurgents were killed.

The remains were handed over to local authorities.

Article by ISAF Regional Command East