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Insurgent attacks kill 21, wound 29 Afghan civilians

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Insurgents caused 50 civilian casualties in eastern Afghanistan from Sept. 11-30. They killed 21 innocent Afghans and injured 29.

Among the many attacks by insurgents that resulted in civilian deaths and injuries during this period, three children were injured when an insurgent-fired mortar round landed on a house in Asadabad district, Kunar province, Friday.

Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi, Kunar provincial governor, strongly condemned "the cowardly act of insurgents in which innocent children were seriously injured."

Despite the efforts of the enemies of the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, ISAF forces in eastern Afghanistan remain committed to partnering with their Afghan National Security Forces counterparts to secure a stable and prosperous future for the Afghan people.

Wahidi said he prayed and hoped for a speedy recovery of the wounded.

Article by ISAF Regional Command East