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India Announces Successful Test-Firing of New Missile

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The Indian government says its military has successfully carried out the first test-firing of a new quick-reaction, short-range missile.

The spokesman for India's Defense Research and Development Organization said the test-firing occurred Thursday morning off the coast of the country's eastern state of Orissa.

The surface-to-surface “Prahaar” missile is capable of carrying different types of warheads and has a range of 150 kilometers. The missile can be launched from a road mobile system in a salvo of six missiles at a time.

India's military developed the missile in less than two years reportedly to help fill in the gap between the country's current multibarrel rockets and medium-range ballistic missiles.

India and its arch-rival and neighbor Pakistan have fought three wars since their partition in 1947. Both countries routinely test new military equipment, so a missiles test is unlikely to significantly increase regional tensions.

Article by VOA News