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Video by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

Congressional Panel Questions Security of US Border With Mexico

A day after President Barack Obama visited the U.S.southwestern border with Mexico, a congressional panel is questioning whether the border area is more or less secure today than it has been in the past. The president is calling for comprehensive immigration reform, but many Republican lawmakers are insisting that more be done to improve border security first.

Official: 180 Bodies Recovered in Northern Mexico

Security officials in northern Mexico say 180 bodies have been recovered during an excavation of hidden graves in the city of Durango, located in the state with the same name.

Officials Tuesday said the bodies were unearthed from several sites and that the remains included those of 12 women.

In recent weeks, investigators also have unearthed 183 bodies from 40 mass graves in the northern state of Tamaulipas, where 72 Central American migrants were found shot to death last August. Mexico's Zetas drug gang is blamed for the Tamaulipas massacre.

Borderland Beat - The War The Generals Want

MEXICO CITY: Finally President Calderon, in recent statements, has acknowledged the growing consensus in the country that the Army should return to the barracks. Calderon has admitted, “There is enormous pressure that the troops not be in the streets,"

What makes the president's admission unsettling is that it could lead to a repugnant conclusion:
That after nothing has been won in this war, the Army must withdraw, recognizing the defeat of the Mexican State by the forces of organized crime.

Mexican Policemen Arrested for Protecting Cartel Hitmen

Mexican authorities have arrested 16 municipal police officers accused of protecting drug gang hitmen who massacred people found in mass graves near the U.S. border.

Officials say as many as 126 bodies were discovered near a ranch in Tamaulipas in recent days.

Authorities have blamed the Zetas drug gang for the killings and say 17 gang members have been arrested so far.

Migrants trying to reach the United States often cross through Tamaulipas. The state is where 72 Central American migrants were found shot to death last August. The Zetas have been blamed for that massacre as well.


A Mexican drug cartel has threatened to kill ICE agents and Texas Rangers, according to a bulletin issued to law enforcement agencies.

Mexico's Attorney General Resigns

Mexican Attorney General Arturo Chavez Chavez has resigned.

President Felipe Calderon announced Chavez's resignation Thursday, but gave no reason for the decision.

Chavez had faced criticism from women's groups that said he did little to prevent or solve rapes and murders of hundreds of women while he served as attorney general of the state of Chihuahua.

President Calderon has nominated Marisela Morales to replace Chavez. The nomination must be approved by the Mexican Senate. If approved, she would be the first woman in the job.

Seattle Times wakes up to 'Gunrunner' scandal...sort of

Sunday’s Seattle Times edition carried an Associated Press story that briefly alludes to the scandal currently surrounding the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ controversial “Project Gunrunner” scandal, but in the process, the newspaper appears to have practiced some selective editing to convince readers the problem of gun smuggling along the U.S.-Mexico border is worse than anyone could imagine.


Article by Dave Workman


During the 14 December incident in which CBP agent Brian Terry was killed by gunmen as he and other agents responded to armed illegal immigrants near Nogales, Arizona, the CBP agents were required to use "bean bag" rounds in their shotguns, according to a FoxNews.com report.