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Operation Cross Check - Phoenix

Video by Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Operation Cross Check - Baltimore

Video by Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Operation Jackhammer

Video by Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Black Hawk Helicopter Helps Reinforce Borders

The United States and its borders are safer today thanks to the hard work of the Utility Helicopters Project Office.

Mexico Arrests US Man Suspected of Smuggling Grenades to Drug Gang

Mexico's attorney general says police have arrested a U.S. man for allegedly smuggling grenade parts to a powerful and dangerous drug gang.

Authorities identify the suspect as Jean Baptiste Kingery. Police arrested him last week.

Kingery is suspected of smuggling grenade parts across the U.S.-Mexican border to the Sinaloa drug gang. He allegedly bought the weapons over the internet and in stores.

Mexican drug gangs frequently use hand grenades in their battle with police and soldiers, who are struggling to destroy the drug trade.

CBP IPR Enforcement

Video by Customs and Border Protection Office of Public Affairs

Obama Administration Revamps Deportation Policy

The Obama administration says it will review the cases of more than 300,000 illegal immigrants facing deportation to determine if they can stay in the United States.

In a letter to a group of lawmakers, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says officials will review each case to identify "low priority" offenders, including those who have been in the U.S. for a lengthy period, to allow the agency to focus more on deporting convicted criminals and others who pose a threat to public safety.

Gunfight Between Zetas And Mexican Federal Forces

Video via Borderland Beat

Mexican officials want to prosecute U.S. officials over Fast & Furious

BREAKING: Fast & Furious firestorm: Mexico wants to prosecute U.S. officials

Fox News is reporting today that some officials in Mexico would like to extradite and prosecute U.S. officials responsible for Operation Fast and Furious, because it flooded their country with guns illegally, resulting in the deaths of possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens.


Article by Dave Workman