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ICLEI is voted out of Albemarle County!!!

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Here is living proof that we are, and you can, have an impact. Earlier this year, the newly-elected Carroll County, MD Commission voted to opt out of ICLEI and abolish the County's "Sustainability" agenda, which we all have now identified as a UN-sponsored (through ICLEI) scheme to redistribute income, people and resources according to their Socialist designs. The Agenda 21: Part III article about the Commissioners' brave actions went viral and alerted many people around the country to the dangers of Agenda 21. The commissioners' email systems were jammed with positive responses to their actions and one commissioner received 1,200 letters.

The Commissioners' actions cemented the resolve of other local governments, concerned citizens and tea party organizations all over the country and we are having an impact. Last night, the very liberal Albemarle County, Virginia (Charlottesville and environs) Board of Supervisors voted out of ICLEI (the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives), bringing the total number of counties in the US opting out to 7. This is just since January.

Pass along the news and know that you can have an impact! It will be a long slog and hard work but the political system will respond when they know unambiguously how strongly you feel about the direction this country is taking.

Get involved and do what you can. Read, print, copy and distribute my Patriot Handbook. Get involved, stay involved and most of all don't get discouraged. Remember, the Left may have its George Soros's and Tides Foundations, but we have something they will NEVER have: a cause worth fighting for!

Ariticle by James Simpson