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Hundred Foot Drug Submarine Seized in Colombia

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Colombian troops have seized a fiberglass submarine capable of carrying 8 tons of cocaine. The submarine represents an increase in capability over other seized "narco-subs" in that it was fully submersible.

Colombian troops have seized 32 semi-submersible vessels, twelve of them in 2010. This, however, was one of the largest, according to Admiral Hernando Wills Velez of the Colombian Navy.

The two-million dollar submarine could carry a crew of four, but was unoccupied when discovered. It had a 16.5-foot periscope, and air-conditioning to keep its crew cool. It could dive as deep as 30 feet.

A similar submarine was seized in Ecuador, and Ecuadorian General Jaime Hurazo was quoted in the New York Daily News as describing that seizure as "a heavy blow" to "narco-traffickers coupled with narco-terrorists."