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The hubris of David Aguilar knows no bounds

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At a time of drastic budget cuts and curtailed enforcement by the Bureau he heads, David Aguilar sees fit to waste taxpayer dollars for his own change of command ceremony. Surely he deserves it, as he has gutted the morale of his troops; proposed and implemented policies that slashed their pay; lowered the hiring standards and shortened the academy in order to reach an unrealistic hiring goal and receive an excessive bonus while at the same time destroying the integrity of the Border Patrol; shilled for amnesty for illegal aliens; and received the only "no confidence" votes by the rank-and-file agents in the history of the US Border Patrol.

Aguilar must be also overlooking the fact that he is merely the acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. It is reflective of the agency as there are far too many people in acting positions, marking time, afraid to make decisions, and generally passing the buck.

Aguilar will be a perfect fit for today's American government. He will check the day's prevailing political winds and adjust his positions accordingly. Congress will have no better friend if they are intent on pursuing the dual goals of demonizing federal workers and rewarding illegal aliens with amnesty.

Enjoy your change of command ceremony David Aguilar, as you allow the years of good work by Border Patrol agents to be for naught. You certainly deserve everything coming to you.

Article by National Border Patrol Council