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Here's an easy strategy to get an edge in the gun-rights struggle -- get more people to own guns! "Your First Gun" does exactly that. It blows away the myths, answers the common questions, increases the comfort level, opens people's minds. get one for someone you know who needs it. Don't wait. The battle is on. This will make a real difference. You can be part of the solution.

Get this book for people you know.

"Your First
" converts gunless people into gun

Expand our base to preserve our rights!

YOU can can use this book to convert your relatives,

friends and even strangers who just don't understand it yet.

More gun owners means more influence and political power.

If YOU do that you help us win the gun-rights war!

I've even had news-media people respond!

Plus, you'll learn a lot in there too.

Your First Gun will be my 14th book.

It comes off press this month.

Kindle and advanced copies are circulating now.

You've known me and my books for decades.

I know what I'm doing, I'm in this fight for good.

See Alan's
books and pro-rights editorials

Fence-sitters and anti-rights people exposed to

Your First Gun end up questioning their own
anti-rights beliefs.

They can't help but consider the normal and rational reasons

why more than 100 million Americans in 60 million homes

are safely armed. They don't hear about that in the

This is not "Guns 101" with mechanics and diagrams.

You love that stuff -- but it just confuses newcomers.

This is the Q&A about social issues every non-gun-owner

dreams about and asks about and needs to understand:

What will my spouse

Where would I even put the thing?

What good is it if I have to keep it locked up?

Isn't it dangerous to keep a gun at home?

Can't the criminal just use it against me?

What's the point if a crook has a gun pointed at me?

Why would an honest person even want a gun?

What will my neighbors think of me?

What sort of gun would be right for someone like me?

What does "buying off paper" mean?

So many more...

Wait till you read the satisfying answers!

Watch what happens when gunless people do!

Help the gunless become gun owners.

Don't fight with them. Give them this --


Your First
takes the sting out of gun ignorance and

moves the common person closer to gun ownership.

Help get this book into a good gun owners' hands -- like yours --

so YOU can get it into your gunless friends' hands --

so we can swell our ranks and win!

You'll learn a lot about gun rights you never knew before too.

It will make you a more effective defender of the right to keep and
bear arms.

On press now!

Due out in February 2013 -- be first to get one!

(Credit cards will not be charged until orders are shipped)


Only $9.95 +S&H.


Only $20 for a 4-Pack so you can give 'em


That's just five bucks each! (This special price will increase soon,
order now.)

Immediate delivery on Kindle, only $4.95!

Women, read this.

Call us to order by the dozen (or more) at huge
discounts -- and give 'em out!

Order some today -- books come off press February 15, 2013.

The early rush of sales will be a first-player's game.


4848 E. Cactus #505-440 -- Scottsdale, AZ 85254

1-800-707-4020 Orders -- 602-996-4020