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Simulator Can Let You See For Yourself

Could pro-Russian separatists in the eastern portion of the Ukraine have trained themselves on how to operate a missile system like the SA-11 Gadfly used in the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17? The answer may be surprising.

According to a report at the “War is Boring” blog at medium.com, some Hungarians have developed a SAM simulator that provides a realistic experience of operating a number of Russian-designed surface-to-air missiles. Among the missiles simulated are the SA-2 Guideline, the SA-3 Goa, the SA-4 Ganef, the SA-5 Gammon, and the SA-8 Gecko.

According to the blog, learning to fire the system is relatively easy, especially for the documentation. One reason for this is the fact that the Soviets needed to train new conscripts quickly, since most were only on active duty for two years.

“In short, you could be untrained and still figure out how to fire one of these things, but not trained enough to really know what you’re doing,” the blog post’s author wrote.Instruction manuals appear online.