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House Leadership Ignores Gun Owners, Slams through Plastic Gun Ban Reauthorization

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The battle continues, and now moves to the Senate

“There is opposition to changing
existing law from conservative lawmakers and gun rights groups such as
Gun Owners of America.” -- USA Today, December 3, 2013

Someone once said that the only thing anyone ever learns from history is that no one ever learns anything from history.

Straight from bumbling the shut down, the House leadership
yesterday, by a voice vote, slammed through a straight ten-year
reauthorization of the poorly drafted 1988 plastic gun ban.

Read GOA’s oped on this subject in this morning’s USA Today.

At least, argue House Republicans, this “straight
authorization” of a bad law will prohibit New York Democrat Chuck
Schumer from using the reauthorization as a vehicle to enact new, more
extensive gun control.


But the House leadership has now handed Schumer a legislative
vehicle for passing his gun control.  This means he and Harry Reid could
choose to take their ban on 3-D printer guns -– which, by the way,
would also ban many metal gun manufacturers -– and send it back to the

Just hours after the House reauthorized the anti-gun law,
Schumer held a press event in support of expanding the plastic gun ban.

If they do this, then Boehner and his leadership team will once
again be swimming in a river of pain –- inflicted by a liberal media
that finally sees an opportunity for passing its much-desired gun
control agenda.

So the first thing we’re doing is to organize a Senate filibuster of any Schumer effort to pass and/or expand the House bill.

Given that the Senate is currently bogged down in a fight over
the defense authorization legislation, we may be able to make it very
difficult for Schumer to use the House-passed bill as a vehicle for new
gun control.     

So please stay tuned.  We thank you for all your activism up to this point.  But just realize that this battle is not over yet.

Meanwhile, GOA Director of Communications Erich Pratt authored the Opposing View this morning in USA Today.

Among other things, Pratt argued that the plastic gun ban is an
unconstitutional infringement of our liberties that is not only
ineffective, but could eventually be expanded by an anti-gun
administration to ban even more guns.

But what about the issue of smuggling guns onto planes?

Pratt says that renewing a ban on plastic firearms will “not
stop criminals from making them or stealing them,” any more than
Chicago's gun restrictions have been effective in stopping shootings

Not only that, says Pratt, “smuggling guns onto planes will
still be against the law, with or without a plastic gun ban.” And
airport X-ray machines will still be able to detect them.

Bottom line, says Pratt, Congress solved the problem of
terrorists carrying weapons onto planes after 9/11 -- not through
additional gun bans, but by “allowing pilots to use guns to defend
themselves and their passengers.”

Again, you can read the entire column here.