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GPV "Marshall" 6x6x6 Armor-Plated Tactical Swat General Purpose Vehicle Specifications:

Manufacturer: GPV (General Purpose Vehicle)
Model: Marshall
Capability: Land/Water
Max Seating Capacity: 3 Cockpit + 12 Crew
Max Speed: 65 MPH (Road) and 3.5 MPH (Water)
Steering: 6-Wheel Drive Inline & 4-Wheel Steering Capability
Control: Joystick Control for Tilt Control
Side Slope: 30% to 50%
Trench Crossing: 5' 5" at 90 Degree to Trench / 7' 7" at 45 Degree to Trench
Engine: Caterpillar C9 400-HP Diesel
Additional Features:
Wire Cutter
Bilge Pumps
ZF 602 Transmission
NBC (Nuclear Bio Chemical) Filtration System
Bullet Proof Windows
Driver Seat Lift for Hatch Driving
(4) Thermal & Optical Cameras
Hydraulic Winch Capacity 30,000 Lbs
Double Rear Entry Doors
(2) Side Entry Doors
A/C & Heat
Michelin 16.00 R20 XZL Tires

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