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Murder-Suicide Attack in Beirut Kills Five
By Harold Hutchison

A murder-suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon left five people dead, and wounded dozens. The bombing was the work of al-Qaeda, but the target may sound unusual.

According to a report by Jim Kouri, the National Law Enforcement Examiner, the target of the al-Qaeda attack was Hezbollah. While both are deadly terrorist groups, al-Qaeda follows Sunni Islam, while Hezbollah, which counts Iran and Syria as patrons, is Shia.

Hezbollah has been supporting the Assad regime in the Syrian Civil War, while at least two al-Qaeda affiliates, the al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, are among those trying to overthrow that regime. The bombing could be an indication that the civil war in Syria may be spreading into Lebanon.