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Hey Prince, How About Sharing the Wealth?

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Hey Prince, How About Sharing Your Obscene Wealth?

Eight armed masked robbers ambushed the envoy of the flamboyant 41-year-old playboy Prince Of Arabia Abdul Aziz, Bin Fahd, a favorite baby son of the deceased King Fahd Royal clan as he was heading in a motorcade to catch his private jet at a Paris airport to fly off to his next playground.
Usually surrounded by 50 armed body guards and riding in obscenely showoff motorcades, the Prince’s 10 car entourage was streaming through the Paris Ring Road at night when the armed robbers put a speedy halt to the spectacle and created their own.
The Prince had just wound down a 45 night stay at the most glamorous King’s hotel in Paris.
The robbers got away with $250,000 Euro ($335,000). They sped off with the Prince’s Mercedes which was later found charred. Rumors are that they took off with sensitive documents, which sends the mind racing, sensitive rendezvous secrets, or official documents. Its easier to imagine the former.
But, hey, what are a little souped up Mercedes and $250000 Euros to a show off Prince who has billions and has been know to hand some foreign lackey waiting on him an $85,000 tip? Court documents revealed that he is the owner of a $1 billion portfolio in the United States that is linked to ownership of BP and BA systems. The Telegraph reported that that portfolio is closer to $4 Billion. It would be a waste of time to list all his properties.
The French are not happy as Paris is the stomping ground where merchants and officials alike cater to Middle East and Chinese big buck clients. Only insiders could have gotten away with such a surgical strike authorities claim. That takes the local thugs off the hook and keeps the golden carpet laid for their wealthy clienteles. If it is an inside job and the Prince’s servants get fed up with the waste and extravagance, would it be unreasonable for them to demand that the Prince share his wealth? These were gentlemen robbers who never fired a shot. The entire party sped off with Police escorts unharmed to their next destination.
So SOF fans, how about joining us on a tour of one of the Princes yachts in this video?