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A Hero Named Earl and Why is Law to Protect Canine's Stalled?

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Four-Legged Heroes Don’t Get Help

This is the story of two war heroes, Rex and Earl in the video. Rex E168 is a real hero. He served three tours in Iraq, and was wounded in action. During his tours, he helped save the lives of dozens of Coalition Forces. However, this is one vet who, despite suffering from PTSD, and suffering from disabilities related to his combat service, is not getting any help from the VA or the Department of Defense in the two-plus years since he retired.

Rex E168 is an 80-pound German Shepherd. According to a report by TakePart.com, legislation was passed in 2013 as part of the Defense Authorization bill, but in a form modified from a previously introduced bill that would have mandated the creation of a program to care for retired military working dogs.

As a result, those who adopt the retired military working dogs will continue to be stuck with the bills for their veterinary care.